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Better Medicaid decisions start here: HMA Information Services.

Staying on top of government-sponsored healthcare programs like Medicaid is a full-time job. And that makes HMA Information Services a vital tool for organizations like yours. Our research team works all day every day to gather the latest news and information and deliver it to you in a timely, concise format.

HMA Information Services is a subscription-based service that provides an unparalleled breadth and depth of Medicaid data that’s important to you. HMA Information Services also includes a wide variety of public documents like state Medicaid RFPs, health plan responses, scoring sheets and model contracts. You can also enjoy free content like HMA Weekly Roundup and webinars covering a wide variety of topics.

HMA Information Services: Your ultimate resource for Medicaid knowledge

A subscription to HMA Information Services is the ultimate reference tool for Medicaid information including:

  • State-by-state overviews
  • The latest Medicaid managed care enrollment, market share, financial performance and utilization data
  • Instant online access to ready-to-use charts, graphs and Excel files
  • Up-to-date RFP calendars
  • A comprehensive public documents database


Carl Mercurio

Principal and Publisher
New York, NY

Lissete Diaz Okhravi

New York, NY

Alona Nenko

Senior Consultant
New York, NY

Scott Silberberg

Research Associate
New York, NY


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