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HMA PCMH Experts Create 2017 Readiness Assessment Tool

This blog post was written by HMA Senior Consultant Meghan Kirkpatrick Manilla.

HMA’s Healthcare Transformation Institute (HTI) provides a venue to develop and share new innovations, experiences, and best practices across the country related to the development of community-specific integrated delivery systems, new financial strategies to incentivize value, and innovative partnerships between providers and payers to ensure quality care for its populations. Through the HTI, HMA has invested in the continued development of new approaches, tools, and resources to enhance the provision of healthcare services, with a focus on publicly-supported populations.

HMA’s latest creation via the HTI is a PCMH 2017 Readiness Assessment Tool, developed by the firm’s PCMH experts. Primary care practices can use tool as a self-assessment or use it in conjunction with an HMA PCMH expert. The tool helps practices assess their current progress toward meeting NCQA PCMH 2017 standards. The tool allows for a simple Yes/No assessment of each PCMH criteria and the associated documentation requirements, and seamlessly calculates results to simulate a PCMH score and certification status. In addition, it provides a detailed review of a practice’s progress toward meeting each of the criteria, allowing the practice to readily identify areas where transformation could be focused.

Other HMA tools developed by the HTI include:

  • comprehensive assessments of community need
  • risk stratification of patients within a safety net environment; provider readiness to succeed under value-based payment
  • developing staffing models in clinic settings
  • evaluation of relationship-centered primary care
  • comprehensive care management training
  • IT alignment in an accountable care environment
  • improved readiness for financial risk
  • evaluating organizational readiness for leading or participating in an integrated delivery system.

Interested in HMA’s PCMH 2017 Readiness Assessment Tool?

HMA is available to help organizations conduct the assessment, analyze results, and develop next steps, including a detailed work plan. For more information, visit