Introduction to HMACS


Welcome to the Health Management Associates Community Strategies blog!

Our HMACS team works every day to support the efforts of a broad range of community stakeholders working to develop healthy, equitable, and sustainable communities around the country. Our partners include:

  • community-based organizations;
  • city, county, and local municipalities;
  • foundations;
  • groups of individuals with a shared goal of community health

By doing this work, we aspire to solve social, economic, and health problems through sustainable community-generated solutions. We believe that the vision of healthier people and communities will require new partnerships and dedication of resources to population health and social determinants of health, including education, housing, environment, food, economic security, and safety. Our organization, Health Management Associates, recognized the need to expand its reach to include these social determinants that so clearly influence individual and community health. In light of this recognition, they pulled together our team, which has both the expertise of HMA and the insight of health and human services leaders. We have the experience to offer effective strategies to foundations, social service organizations, public health, corporations, colleges and universities, among others.

HMACS is passionate about the community issues we tackle alongside our community partners, from racism and colorism, to gender equality, to the community organizations themselves who facing change in their environments. For example, we are working to develop and test a model curriculum that will educate girls on feminine norms, and their relationship to pursuing their interests in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). We are exploring the issue of global colorism in the workplace in order to help to shape business strategies that affect organizations and talent worldwide by developing practical tools and information that support conversations with corporate leaders about mitigating the impact of colorism in the workplace. By including colorism, labeling, and identity in the equation, we believe we are contributing to the development of a more transformative and holistic approach to global diversity and inclusion. We are developing case studies and a workbook to help organizations manage leadership succession in the context of health care reform so that their work in the community is continued, if not improved, in light of a change in leadership.

In this blog, we want to write about our learnings and experiences to share with individuals and organizations so that it inspires new ideas, strategies, and partnerships to solve some of our biggest social problems. You can expect monthly blog posts providing a thoughtful but brief analysis of an issue or strategy that we can’t help but explore. Some posts may respond to an event we recently read about in order to provide a deeper dive into what occurred and how it may impact the communities we live in. Some blogs may showcase where the HMACS team is in the community and what we are providing and the local perspectives we are learning.

We look forward to starting this adventure! We welcome your comments and thoughts as we explore these issues together, working towards a common goal of healthy, equitable, and sustainable communities in Colorado and throughout the United States.

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