Burns Reports

Vermont CIS Provider Rate Study

The Child Development Division (CDD) within the Vermont Agency of Human Services is in the process of reviewing payment rates for Children’s Integrated Services (CIS). The Burns & Associates division of Health Management Associates is assisting CDD with this initiative and has established this website as a repository for rate study-related materials.


Proposed rate models were released for public comment on April 25, 2024. The final rate model and supporting rate study materials are posted below.

  • A presentation that overviews the rate review process and describes key findings and assumptions within the rate model can be accessed here.
  • The final rate model that includes the detailed assumptions related to practitioner wage levels, benefits, population caseloads, and other factors can be accessed here.
  • The results of the limited-scope provider survey that was administered as part of the rate review can be accessed here.
    • Note: the survey analysis was revised on May 22, 2024 to correct the service title on page 8. Previously, the page referred to ‘Early Childhood and Family Mental Health’ and has been corrected to ‘SFVT: Sustained Nurse HV (MECSH).’ No further changes were made.