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Episode 3: Tech Innovation in Care Management

In this episode, we join a conversation between Meggan Schilkie, HMA Managing Principal, and Joe Macrillo, Chief Financial Officer of Huther Doyle, a Health Home in Rochester, NY with 41 Care Management agencies.

Joe talks about the implementation of an IT platform that eases the administrative burden on care managers so that they can focus on connecting their clients to needed services. Collaborative relationships are the primary drivers of Joe’s management style.  Valuing all input throughout process change has placed Huther Doyle in a position for success beyond COVID-19.

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Annalisa Baker is a Senior Consultant in HMA’s New York office. She is a licensed clinical social worker and a member of HMA’s Behavioral Health Team that provides policy and operational expertise to non-profit providers, government agencies and a variety of healthcare stakeholders to navigate value-based financing and integrate behavioral health quality metrics and best practices into healthcare system reform efforts.

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