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Webinar Replay: Managing Social Determinants of Health: A Framework for Identifying, Addressing Disparities in Medicaid Populations

On September 7, 2017, HMA hosted the webinar, “Managing Social Determinants of Health: A Framework for Identifying, Addressing Disparities in Medicaid Populations,” in partnership with the Disability Policy Consortium.

Social determinants of health are increasingly recognized by Medicaid programs as important drivers of poor health outcomes and disparities that lead to higher costs. In response, Medicaid programs are beginning to analyze social determinants of health as potential causes of health disparities.

During this webinar, Ellen Breslin and Anissa Lambertino of HMA, Dennis Heaphy of the Disability Policy Consortium, and independent consultant Tony Dreyfus presented an analytical framework for understanding the impact social determinants of health have on Medicaid populations. Leveraging work done by the Institute of Medicine, the framework includes measures and statistical methods that Medicaid programs, health plans, and accountable care organizations can use to generate the type of information needed to develop interventions that improve health outcomes. Listen to the recording and:

  • Understand why social determinants of health are key to addressing health disparities and achieving the goals of payment and delivery system reform.
  • Learn about the value of population-based approaches for examining the relationship between social determinants of health and health disparities.
  • Find out what it takes to implement the type of framework, measures and statistical methods needed to effectively examine the importance of social determinants of health on health outcomes.

Ellen Breslin, Principal, HMA
Anissa Lambertino, Senior Consultant, HMA
Dennis Heaphy, Health Care Policy Researcher, Disability Policy Consortium
Tony Dreyfus, Independent Consultant

Who Should Listen
Executives from Medicaid programs, Medicaid health plans, and provider-led entities including accountable care organizations, and community-based providers and organizations.