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Webinar Replay: An IT Framework for Accountable Care

On November 3, 2015, HMA Information Services hosted the webinar, “An IT Framework for Accountable Care: Building Information Technology Capabilities that Support All Necessary Functions in the Risk-Sharing Continuum.”

The importance of information technology continues to grow as healthcare providers venture into care coordination, accountable care, and risk sharing. A structured approach to IT planning is a critical step in any comprehensive effort to enable providers to move effectively along the risk-sharing continuum. This means developing a comprehensive IT capability assessment and planning framework specifically geared towards provider organizations engaging in accountable care. It also means identifying how IT can support each clinical and administrative function necessary to successfully manage risk and coordinate care for a population of patients.

During this webinar, HMA experts Lynn Dierker, Juan Montanez and Greg Vachon outline the steps provider organizations must take to develop a solid, actionable accountable care IT plan.  The webinar also features case studies of provider organizations that have made IT the backbone of a successful, comprehensive approach to accountable care. Listen to the replay and:

  • Understand the value and need for a structured assessment of your organization’s IT capabilities, with an emphasis on the importance of information technology in implementing a comprehensive approach to accountable care.
  • Develop an IT plan that supports each functional area impacting your organization’s ability to successfully share risk – including care management and coordination, risk profiling and stratification, population health management, data sharing, and reporting.
  • Assess various options for filling gaps in your organization’s IT capabilities, while avoiding pitfalls such as “jumping the gun” on particular technology solutions or unnecessarily adding complexity to an organization’s existing IT environment.
  • Ensure providers have access to all of the information – including social factors and determinants of health data – necessary to create and manage a comprehensive, individualized service plan for patients.

The slide deck for this webinar can be retrieved by clicking the “DOWNLOAD” button below.