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Webinar Replay: Physician Perspectives on Using Telemedicine to Address the Shortage of Mental Health Providers

On August 25, 2016, HMA Information Services hosted the webinar, “Physician Perspectives on Using Telemedicine to Address the Shortage of Mental Health Providers.”

Telemedicine, remote patient monitoring and mobile health can increase access to care for underserved populations, especially among mental health patients where demand for services is growing despite an unprecedented shortage of providers. Telemedicine also has the potential to ease the burden facing healthcare organizations as they make the transition to care delivery payment models that stress value over volume. The most effective programs in design and implementation are the ones that utilize certain core features that will be necessary for the highly anticipated new CPT codes for integrated care.

During this webinar, HMA physicians Jean Glossa, MD, an internist; and Lori Raney, MD, a psychiatrist, discuss the impact that telemedicine and other technologies can have on improving access and care for vulnerable mental health populations. They also outline the most important elements of a telemedicine program with a special emphasis on the needs of patients and perspectives of the interdisciplinary teams serving them. Listen to the recording and:

  • Learn how telemedicine can increase access to care for vulnerable populations, especially in disciplines where provider shortages exist, such as mental health.
  • Assess various payment models for telemedicine along with how to effectively measure return-on-investment.
  • Find out why the use of telemedicine in psychiatry is growing and what this means for behavioral integration, care coordination, care quality, reimbursement and cost.
  • Understand the role telemedicine can play as the focus in healthcare shifts to managing total cost of care for patients in risk-sharing arrangements.