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Webinar Replay: What New Medicaid Managed Care Regulations Mean for Health Plan Quality, Performance Measurement

On June 17, 2015, HMA Information Services hosted the webinar, “What the New Medicaid Managed Care Regulations Mean for Health Plan Quality and Performance Measurement.”

The proposed Medicaid managed care regulations released last month by CMS include fundamental changes in the way quality and performance is measured among health plans in state-sponsored programs. The rules seek to align quality and performance measures with existing government programs like Medicare Advantage, institute a quality ratings system, support a variety of performance improvement projects, and increase the role of external quality review.

During this webinar, HMA Principal Matt Roan and Senior Consultant Lisa Shugarman outline the proposed quality rules and discuss the implication for states, Medicaid managed care plans and other stakeholders. Listen to the recording and:

  • Understand the implications of the proposed Medicaid Managed Care Quality Rating System
  • Learn how new, federal, standardized quality measures and performance improvement projects requirements will be incorporated into existing quality programs
  • Gain insight into CMS’ quality focus for Managed Long Term Services and Supports
  • Assess changes to the external quality review process as well as the role of accreditation in state review and approval of Medicaid health plans
  • Identify managed care elements of Comprehensive State Quality Strategies

The slide deck for this webinar can be retrieved by clicking the “DOWNLOAD” button below.