Weekly Roundup

July 10, 2019

In Focus:

California 2019-20 Budget Overview


Centene Subsidiary Takes Over Health Care Services In Arizona Prisons
California Exchange Premiums to Rise 0.8 Percent in 2020, Lowest Since 2014
California to Pay Off $58.6 Million in Medical School Student Loans for 247 Physicians Serving Medi-Cal Patients.
Iowa, Medicaid Plans Continue to Negotiate Fiscal 2020 Payment Rates
Kansas Expands Medicaid Services for Brain Injuries
Louisiana Medicaid MCO Awards Are Delayed
New Hampshire Announces Delay of Medicaid Expansion Work Requirements
North Carolina Could Delay Medicaid Managed Care Implementation if State Budget is Not Signed
Oregon Announces CCO 2.0 Contract Awards
Texas Delays STAR+PLUS Implementation
West Virginia Releases Managed Foster Care RFP


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