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Governing Article Taps into HMA Expertise

Governing Staff Writer Chris Kardish tapped the expertise of two HMA colleagues for his article “5 of the Biggest Changes in New Medicaid Managed Care Rules.”

HMA Senior Consultant Lisa Shugarman and Principal Matt Roan shared offered insights about quality ratings as well as accreditation and monitoring.

The newly proposed regulations represent the first major update of federal rules for health plans in state-sponsored programs in more than a decade. On May 28 HMA presented a webinar in which HMA experts joined Lisa and Matt to share their initial thoughts and reactions about key components of the new regulations.

Topics our experts touched on include:

  • The emphasis on aligning Medicaid, Medicare and commercial regulations
  • The new Medical Loss Ratio requirements
  • The new rate setting requirements
  • Establishment of a quality rating system
  • Regulations targeted specifically at Managed Long Term Services and Supports
  • Marketing and enrollment
  • How the regulations are intended to promote flexibility of access to care for members with severe mental illness

Click here to listen to a recording of the webinar.

HMA and its Medicaid Managed Care Rules Assessment Team is ready to help your organization interpret the rules and craft a response to CMS, provide detailed information and recommendations about specific areas of the regulations, and work with you to develop a strategic plan, among other things.

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