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HMA Creates Accountable Care Institute

As the health care industry undergoes significant changes, Health Management Associates (HMA) sees the growing need to transform health care delivery through models that will provide better quality and enhance overall health status – at less cost. 

In order to meet this need, and assure that transformation extends to vulnerable populations and communities, Health Management Associates announces formation of its Accountable Care Institute (ACI). The ACI is a venue where extensive expertise and on-the-ground experience converge to lead the transformation of health care delivery from siloed programs to integrated, accountable, and financially viable systems of care that serve patients and populations that have been traditionally underserved.

Over the past decade, HMA has assembled a highly experienced accountable care team that includes former health system administrators, senior health care clinicians, advance practice nurses, behavioral health and long-term care professionals, health information technology specialists, managed care leaders, and finance experts — all with decades of experience facilitating change in health care practice and working with providers who serve the uninsured and publicly-funded populations.

The ACI is built on the extensive experience of this multidisciplinary team which is using its knowledge and expertise to help clients and colleagues across the country address issues related to: 

  • development and implementation of multi-provider delivery systems in defined communities for targeted populations;
  • building new financial models to incentivize value;
  • developing training for elements of an integrated system including creative uses of information technology, medical home components, appropriate use of specialty care and transition management;
  • engaging medical professionals, technical experts, and administrative leaders in transforming health care delivery systems;
  • building innovative partnerships between providers and payers to assure effective care for the populations they are both trying to serve;
  • training new leaders in health system change; and
  • the development of tools and resources that leverage lessons learned in creating new approaches to delivering and financing accountable care.

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