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HMA Expands Consulting Reach

Health Management Associates (HMA) is pleased to announce the creation of a new operating division, HMA Community Strategies (HMACS).

The new division is based in HMA’s Denver office. HMA Managing Principal Joan Henneberry is the managing director.

HMACS is designed to complement and enhance HMA’s consulting services, with a focus on supporting the efforts of a broad range of community stakeholders working to develop healthy, equitable, and sustainable communities.

There is growing recognition that the vision of healthier people and communities will require new partnerships and dedication of resources to population health and social determinants of health, including education, housing, environment, food, economic security, and safety. As experts in health and health care, HMA recognized the need to expand its reach to include these social determinants that so clearly influence individual and community health.

HMA Community Strategies provides research, evaluation, policy work and program development and implementation to support the crucial work being done on the front lines of health and human services. We know our clients aspire to solve social, economic, and health problems through community-generated solutions that are sustainable. That’s why our services support and build stronger connections among stakeholders to help advance those community goals. HMACS serves as a support system for communities as they build the partnerships necessary to sustain and promote a broad vision of health for all of its members.

HMACS is designed to assist community-based organizations; city, county, and local municipalities; foundations; or groups of individuals with a shared goal of community health. We offer a depth and breadth of experience and expertise that is unmatched, yet HMACS was purposely designed to be accessible to these groups which we know often have limited resources.

HMACS offers an array of services, consultants who are health and human services leaders, and a fee structure crafted to reflect the needs of our clients.

We believe in the power of collaboration to achieve healthy, equitable, and sustainable communities, and we look forward to partnering with you in the future.

Our community is ready to help your community.