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HMA’s Henneberry Appointed to Bipartisan Commission

Joan Henneberry, a Principal in HMA’s Denver office, has been named to the State Health Care Cost Containment Commission.

The goal of the bipartisan Commission is to develop a process and practical policies that states can adopt and implement to hold the growth rate of all health care spending in a state to a growth rate similar to that of the overall state economy, i.e., the Gross State Product.

Organized by the University of Virginia’s Miller Center, the Commission includes representatives from all of the health care industry’s key sectors including insurance plans, hospitals and physician provider groups. It also includes representatives from all of the key groups that purchase health care including Medicaid, Medicare and the private sector as well as a consumer advocate.

The Commission’s first conference call took place in October, and its first meeting is slated for February. Henneberry is one of 12 commissioners.

The initiative is being funded by Kaiser Permanente and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

More details about the commission can be found at