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Jack Meyer and Elliot Wicks leverage their research to support formation of historic agreement to help reduce the number of America’s uninsured

Jack Meyer, PhD

Most of the nation’s largest health care organizations announced January 18, 2007 that they have agreed on a proposal that would significantly expand health coverage for America’s almost 47 million uninsured, starting immediately with expanded coverage for children in 2007. Calling itself the Health Coverage Coalition for the Uninsured (HCCU), the group is made up of 16 influential, national organizations that have played leading roles in every federal health policy debate of the last 30 years, often on opposing sides. Despite their divergent political and ideological views, the groups today committed to immediately and jointly press lawmakers to act on their historic, two-phased consensus proposal. Jack Meyer and Elliot Wicks leveraged their research to support the formation of this historic agreement.

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