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Largest prison system in the nation contracts with HMA

California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS) has selected HMA from among several other consulting firms to conduct an executive-level organizational review.  CCHCS is a hybrid organization with elements of an integrated health care delivery system, a governmental agency and a business enterprise.  As a result, HMA will deploy a hybrid review process tailored specifically for CCHCS. 

Created by the federal court system in 2005, CCHCS has been charged with correcting widespread deficiencies in inmate health care within the nation’s largest state prison system.  After extensive analysis of every aspect of inmate medical care across the system’s 33 facilities, a comprehensive Receiver’s Turnaround Plan of Action (RTPA) was developed.  Since 2008, nearly all of the RTPA strategies have been implemented, and the desired outcomes are being realized system wide.

CCHCS is now ready to take the next step to streamline its operations while sustaining performance improvement in the face of new regulatory and budgetary pressures to return inmate health care to the corrections system.  HMA will seek to define the structure, staffing and processes required to enhance and sustain its success in the future.

The final report is tentatively scheduled to be released in early 2013.