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Making the Connection: The Role of Community Health Workers in Health Homes

NYS Health Foundation

Deborah Zahn

The development of health homes creates a unique opportunity to develop and implement care management models that meet the complex needs of high-need and high-cost patients. Incorporating community health workers (CHWs) into care management teams is an effective—and cost-effective—approach to achieving the goals of health homes. The roles and tasks CHWs perform already align well with the six core services required of health homes. There are also readily available training resources to support their inclusion. Additionally, the care management PMPM payments that support health homes provide an opportunity and the flexibility to hire CHWs without having to rely on unsustainable grant funding. Health home providers can leverage this opportunity to build effective models that include CHWs working as part of their care management teams. These models can help achieve the Triple Aim of better health, better care, and lower costs.