Briefs & Reports

Medicaid Managed Care Enrollment Activity

As of June 1, 2013, there were 1,244,601 Medicaid beneficiaries enrolled in 13 Medicaid Health Plans (HMOs), a decrease of 2,946 since May 1, 2013. This enrollment decrease is largely because the number of enrollments in process increased during May. The number of Medicaid beneficiaries eligible for managed care enrollment increased in June – there were 1,298,368 eligible beneficiaries, up from 1,294,213 in May.

The number of Medicaid beneficiaries dually eligible for Medicare (duals) enrolled in Medicaid HMOs to receive their Medicaid benefits continues to grow – there were 38,257 duals enrolled in June, up from 36,916 in May, an increase of 1,341. The number of Medicaid children dually eligible for the Children’s Special Health Care Services (CSHCS) program enrolled in Medicaid HMOs appears to have stabilized – there were 17,702 CSHCS/Medicaid children enrolled in June, an increase of 47 since May.

As the enrollment reports (.pdf) (.xls) reflect, every county in the state is served by at least one Medicaid Health Plan. Auto-assignment of beneficiaries into the HMOs is now in place in every county of the state and there are at least two HMOs serving every county in the Lower Peninsula. Beneficiaries in all 15 counties in the Upper Peninsula are auto-assigned through federal “Rural Exception” authority to the one HMO serving the counties, Upper Peninsula Health Plan. 

For more information, contact Esther Reagan, Senior Consultant, at (517) 482-9236.