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On the Verge: The Transformation of Long Term Services and Supports

Jenna Walls

Many states are on the verge of transforming the financing and delivery of LTSS. In this webinar, HMA consultant, Jenna Walls joins Martha Roherty, Executive Director of the National Association of States United for Aging and Disabilities and Wendy Fox-Grage, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor for the AARP Public Policy Institute to present their findings from a recent survey of the states and DC.

The webinar will touch on various policy issues and mechanisms states are currently using or considering to deliver Long-term Services and Supports:

  • The recession’s lingering impact on state finances
  • Increased interest in risk-based managed care for individuals with LTSS needs
  • Increased interest in dual integration
  • Increased demand for LTSS services
  • Continued balancing of home and community based services as an alternative to institutional care
  • States coping with fewer staff and recent leadership turnover

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