Briefs & Reports

Sustaining State Health Information Exchange: A State Toolkit

Given states’ current financial challenges, it is important for states to implement a cost-effective and sustainable health information exchange (HIE) infrastructure. This report addresses how health information organizations can create and deliver value to achieve long-term sustainability.

Reducing Hospital Readmissions? Lessons from Top-Performing Hospitals

Significant variability in 30-day readmission rates among U.S. hospitals suggests that some are more successful than others at providing safe, high-quality inpatient care and promoting smooth transitions to follow-up care. HMA conducted a series of case studies and developed an overview report that offer lessons from four hospitals with exceptionally low readmission rates.

Issues in Missouri Health Care in 2011

An analysis of the Missouri health care landscape to help policymakers, health care professionals, and community-based organizations understand the stateÍs health system, particularly as the state implements health reform and faces budget challenges.

Medicaid Enrollment: June 2010 Data Snapshot

This snapshot of Medicaid enrollment as of June 2010 finds that enrollment increased by 3.7 million people nationally between June 2009 and June 2010, bringing the total number of enrollees above 50 million for the first time in the program’s history. Medicaid enrollment has grown by 7.6 million (17.8 percent) since the start of the … Read More

Making the Investments Work: Important Benefits and Key Challenges in Implementing Health Reform in Florida

HMA describes the key features of national health reform and explores the important potential benefits to Florida of successfully implementing the law along with the main challenges. The report explains how Florida should prepare for the implementation of Medicaid expansion, health insurance exchanges, and insurance market reforms, and highlights grant opportunities for the state and … Read More

Accountable Care in the Safety Net

HMA analyzed the elements of ACOs and their likely role in the future, the particular challenges faced by the Safety Net in moving toward this new model and basic steps that Safety Net providers need to take to achieve a population-focused, collaborative approach to delivering health care services.

HIE Financing and Sustainability

Financing and sustainability are key challenges in developing a statewide health information exchange. Workable business models for HIE have been elusive in the past and states are struggling to figure out how to assure the future of health information exchange in the midst of an unprecedented state budget crisis. This webcast discusses some of the … Read More