Briefs & Reports

Hoping for Economic Recovery, Preparing for Health Reform: A Look at Medicaid Spending, Coverage and Policy Trends — Results from a 50-State Medicaid Budget Survey for State Fiscal Years 2010 and 2011

HMA’s annual 50-state survey of Medicaid officials finds that a number of states experienced rapid growth in their Medicaid enrollment and spending last year and expect additional growth, though at a slower pace, in fiscal year 2011. States reported an average increase in Medicaid spending of 8.8 percent across all states in fiscal year 2010, … Read More

Share of Cost Medi-Cal

This issue brief examines the role of share of cost Medi-Cal in California. Contrary to common misperception, most of the 7 million Californians covered under Medi-Cal do not qualify for cash assistance (also known as “welfare”) through CalWORKs or SSI. Many qualify in other ways, such as through programs for working families with incomes below … Read More

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010: Advancing Health Equity for Racially and Ethnically Diverse Populations

An analysis of the potential of federal health care reform to reduce racial and ethnic health disparities. The report provides a comprehensive review of the Affordable Care Act with a focus on provisions that explicitly address health disparities, including data collection by race/ethnicity, workforce diversity, cultural competence, and health disparities research.

Denti-Cal Facts and Figures

This document provides an overview of costs and utilization for CA’s Medicaid (Medi-Cal) dental program.

Evaluation of the Office of Managed Care of the Los Angeles Department of Health Services

HMA conducted a comprehensive assessment of the operation of the Office of Managed Care and made recommendations regarding: its readiness to participate in the expanded managed care opportunities under pending health care program regulations and requirements; the extent to which the County may uniquely benefit from health care reform opportunities by continuing its operation under … Read More

Medicaid Enrollment: June 2009 Data Snapshot

This analysis finds that, with the country in a deep recession, nearly 3.3 million more people were enrolled in state Medicaid programs in June 2009 compared to the previous June. It was the biggest ever one-year increase in terms of absolute numbers, and boosted the June monthly Medicaid enrollment by 7.5 percent to 46.9 million … Read More

Edward J. Healey Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Feasibility Study

HMA proposed and analyzed the feasibility of various options for delivering services currently provided by a county-owned and operated skilled nursing facility. The analysis included projecting need for long-term care in Palm Beach County, options for community-based alternatives to nursing facility care, and development of three scenarios (repair, replace, replace and change service mix) with … Read More