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Ring’s Blog Post Addresses Culturally Responsive Care

HMA Principal Dr. Jeffrey Ring’s guest blog, “Culturally Responsive Care: Why and How” is currently featured on the website

Equity of Care is the national collaborative effort of the America’s Essential Hospitals, American College of Healthcare Executives, the American Hospital Association, Association of American Medical Colleges and Catholic Health Association of the United States. Through this platform they have issued a call to action to eliminate health care disparities. Their goals are to increase the collection of race, ethnicity and language preference data; increase cultural competency training for clinicians and support staff; and increase diversity in governance and management.  Through free resources, shared best practices and national collaborative efforts, Equity of Care hopes to lead the health field on a clear path to eliminate disparities and ensure that local action can affect national results.

To view a recording of Dr. Ring’s webinar, “Do the Right Thing: Culturally Responsive Health Care and the Federally Mandated CLAS Standards,” click here.

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