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The Commonwealth Fund Brief Examines Key Lessons from State Innovation Models

Sharon Silow-Carroll
JoAnn Lamphere

HMA is proud to have partnered with The Commonwealth Fund to develop one of its most recent issue briefs, “State Innovation Models: Early Experiences and Challenges of an Initiative to Advance Broad Health System Reform.”

HMA Managing Principal Sharon Silow-Carroll and Principal JoAnn Lamphere interviewed officials from states participating in the State Innovation Models (SIM) Initiative.

The interviews reveal that the readiness of providers and payers to adopt innovations varies, requiring different starting points, goals, and strategies. So far, effective strategies appear to include: building on past reform efforts; redesigning health information technology to provide reliable, targeted data on care costs and quality; and using standard performance measures and financial incentives to spur alignment of providers’ and payers’ goals.

State governments also have policy levers to encourage efficient deployment of a diverse health care workforce. As federal officials review states’ innovation plans, set timetables, and provide technical assistance, they can also take steps to accommodate the budgetary, political, and time constraints that states are facing.

These discussions revealed key lessons that can inform work with federal partners in all states as they under-take health system reform.


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