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Webinar to Focus on Veterans – Benefits and V.A. System Access

HMA will host the free webinar, “A Healthcare Win for Veterans and States: Strategies for Enhancing Veterans’ Benefits by Facilitating Access to the V.A. System” from 1 to 2 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Nov. 12.

A large number of veterans and their families are eligible for healthcare benefits through the V.A. and don’t even know it. Many end up enrolled in Medicaid – an additional cost for states that the federal government should be paying. For veterans, there are two big advantages to using the V.A. for healthcare coverage.

First, despite recent events surrounding wait times, the V.A. provides veterans with what is generally considered to be very high quality care that is well coordinated. Second, veterans who turn to the state for health care when they qualify for V.A. benefits could have their estates garnished to repay the Medicaid program.

One state that has had tremendous success helping veterans take full advantage of their V.A. benefits is Washington. The state’s Veterans Benefit Enhancement project is viewed as a model that could be expanded nationwide.

During this webinar you will:

  • Hear a case study of Washington’s Veterans Benefit Enhancement project and the best practices that have made this initiative a success.
  • Learn how other states have successfully helped veterans get the benefits they deserve through the V.A. and avoid the potential of financially crippling medical bills.
  • Find out how prevalent it is for veterans and families to be eligible for V.A. benefits but not enrolled – and gain an understanding of the economic implications.
  • Learn about the type of outreach efforts that are most successful in helping veterans through the V.A. enrollment process.

Who Should Attend
States interested in maximizing the efficiency of their Medicaid spending while ensuring veterans continue to get the best possible medical care.

Managed care plans interested in providing states with eligibility, outreach and enrollment services aimed at veterans.

Regulators interested in understanding the scope of this issue and potential solutions.

Confirmed Speakers
Bill Allman, Veteran’s Program Manager, Washington State Health Care Authority
Doug Porter, Principal, Health Management Associates

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