On the Horizon – HMA Podcast Series Looks at Medicaid Work Requirements

The February 2018 episode of On the Horizon focuses on Medicaid work requirements. This topic has sparked a lot of interest since CMS recently provided guidance on work requirements, and approved Kentucky’s 1115 waiver. The approval of Kentucky’s waiver marks the first approval of work requirements for Medicaid, and beyond Kentucky, nine other states are currently seeking approval for similar requests. Additionally, more states (for example, South Dakota, Louisiana, Alabama, and others) are reportedly considering work requirements. Steve Fitton, Principal of HMA’s Lansing office, discusses key aspects of work requirements, including what they could mean for the Medicaid program overall, the states’ ability to administer them, and the potential for Medicaid managed care organizations being asked to provide additional information as a result of these new requirements.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand what work requirements could mean for the Medicaid program.
  2. Gain an understanding of what states may need to do to administer work requirements for Medicaid.
  3. Learn about the potential for activities associated with work requirements being delegated to Medicaid managed care organizations.

Steve Finton, Principal, HMA (Lansing)


Jason Silva, Senior Consultant, HMA (Sacramento)

Who Should Listen

Executives from Medicaid managed care plans, state and county officials, and representatives of community-based organizations, providers and accountable care organizations.