Webinar Replay: Pathways HUB- A Population Health Model that Activates the Community Response to Social Determinants

This webinar was held on May 9, 2019. One of the most successful approaches to addressing social determinants of health involves the coordination of community-based services and civic resources through a community hub funded by performance-based managed care payments. This webinar will feature the co-developer of The Pathways Community HUB model, an approach designed to … Read More

Webinar Replay: The Importance of Race and Ethnicity in Accounting for Social Risks in Medicare Value-Based Payments

This webinar was held on April 3, 2019.  Medicare value-based payments are increasingly considering social risk factors such as income and other elements of socioeconomic disadvantage. However, race and ethnicity are often left out of the mix, an approach that can create significant problems for providers attempting to adequately account for financial risks when entering … Read More

Webinar Replay: Overcoming Stigma of Opioid Use Disorder: Lessons for Providers, Payers, Policymakers, and the Healthcare Community at Large

This webinar was held on March 28, 2019, and was the fourth webinar in a series about addressing the opioid crisis in America. The stigma associated with opioid use disorder impacts not only individuals seeking treatment, it also colors the attitudes of payers and providers charged with helping those struggling with addiction. The results can … Read More

Webinar Replay: Military Competency Among Health Care Providers: Best Practices for Screening, Treating and Coordinating Care of Veterans

This webinar was held on February 28, 2019. The unique health care needs of veterans pose significant challenges for providers. What’s required can best be called “military competency,” which is a set of tools and strategies aimed at successfully identifying, screening, and treating veterans. Military competency also means the ability to coordinate care across provider … Read More