Kyle Edrington
Kyle Edrington

Kyle Edrington

Principal (Actuarial)

Health Management Associates

Phoenix, AZ

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Kyle Edrington founded Edrington Health Consulting where he was responsible for the design, development, and communication of client engagements. Edrington joined the HMA family of companies in 2021.

He provides a skillset unique to other actuarial consultants leveraging experience as an analyst, consultant, and lead strategist. His technical background and real-world application bring a unique perspective on analytics and deliverables. He is able to communicate and explain every facet of the actuarial process to stakeholders at all levels.

Kyle has significant experience working with contracted Medicaid managed care health plans. He provides support to multiple states, including Maryland, Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, and Massachusetts with the development and presentation of their actuarially sound capitation rates. He worked to determine and present, capitation rates in a number of states while working with health plan partners in other states to maximize their understanding of, and business decisions resulting from their capitation rates developed by other entities. Kyle helps health plans effectively understand how to plan for and react to their capitation rates, while understanding how health plan dynamics may influence the rate development process.

Working with Medicaid stakeholders for almost 15 years, Kyle partnered with states and health plans to understand and mitigate risks associated with fundamental shifts in the market. The insight he gained during this time helps him understand how to anticipate, estimate, and communicate changes that are likely in the coming years, whether it be economic conditions driving individuals into and out of Medicaid or federal regulations controlling the door.

Kyle earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Arizona State University.