Monica Trevino

Monica Trevino

Senior Consultant

Lansing, MI

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(517) 482-9236

Monica Trevino has expertise in healthcare quality measurement from project design to data collection and analysis. She translates population and quality-based data into viable policy, sustainable programs and quality improvement. She assists clients in understanding and navigating new managed care quality provisions and other federal and state regulatory requirements.

In her 8 years with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Monica was engaged in Medicaid quality improvement including development, implementation and tracking of performance measures for the Healthy Michigan Plan, the state’s Medicaid expansion program. She managed the Healthy Behaviors Incentive Program, a behavior driven cost-sharing reduction program for the Healthy Michigan Plan population. She administered an annual $80 million performance bonus incentive program that rewards Medicaid health plans for consistent, high performance on quality and consumer experience metrics.

Monica was actively involved in the procurement of a series of new Medicaid managed care contracts with an emphasis on population health management including addressing social determinants of health, incorporating community health workers, and meaningful, long-term collaboration with community-based organizations for sustainable partnerships that promote community-driven interventions. She led a project identifying racial and ethnic disparities in Medicaid service utilization. Focused on achieving equity for minorities, data from the project informed quality improvement efforts and was used in the development of targeted interventions and Medicaid health plan pay-for-performance projects.

She compiled the annual quality strategy and review documentation required by federal Medicaid regulations. She administered a $2 million CMS Adult Medicaid Quality Grant, including overall project management, data management, reporting and budgeting.

Monica served as chair of the Public Sector Advisory Council of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

Monica earned her master’s degree in anthropology from Western Michigan University and bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of Michigan. She expects to complete her doctorate in interdisciplinary health sciences from Western Michigan University in 2019. Although Monica attended the University of Michigan, and now lives within earshot of Michigan State University, she never picks sides. Never.