Nicki Dunnavant

Nicki Dunnavant

Senior Consultant

Denver, CO

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Nicki Dunnavant recognizes that with the increasing emphasis on data and data-driven decision-making, rigorous research design and methodology for collecting and translating data in a meaningful way is more important than ever. She has extensive experience with the primary collection, storage, and analysis of claims, survey, anthropometric, and environmental data. She is also skilled in data translation and presentation as well as project management.

Prior to joining HMA, Nicki worked as a health analytic consultant for United Healthcare. There, she was responsible for the analysis of customer-specific clinical, financial, and member utilization data, primarily from claims, to identify key drivers of medical cost trends. From there, she would develop solutions to improve population health, the financial impact of healthcare utilization, and member engagement with wellness programs. She presented these findings and recommended solutions to her national account and public-sector clients as well as their respective brokers.

She previously served as a project manager at the University of Colorado Health Outcomes Research Center on a project intended to increase flu and Tdap vaccination rates among pregnant women. She organized and facilitated focus groups, key informant interviews, and stakeholder meetings in addition to developing data collection tools such as surveys, interview guides, and focus group guides for data collection. She also managed the grant’s budget via the National Institutes of Health and contributed to various grant and contract proposals.

Nicki worked as a survey director at National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago on two primary projects: the National Children’s Study (NCS) and the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey (MCBS). For the NCS project, Nicki acted as a methodologist for the anthropometric measures of children. She specialized in developing operating procedures and protocols for collecting physical measures data, and in translating those procedures into trainings for data collectors. With the MCBS project, Nicki worked closely with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) as a data quality and data collector training manager. She served on the survey testing team, ensuring that survey language and survey logic would garner the information CMS was interested in collecting. She also was part of the training team responsible for teaching field interviewers how to gather accurate and high-quality data.

Nicki earned her master’s degree in social sciences from the University of Chicago. She received her bachelor’s degree in feminist and gender studies, with minors in Asian studies and religion, from Colorado College.

Nicki lives in Denver with her partner, Mat, and their dog, Rigby. When not in the office, Nicki can be found traveling the globe as much as possible, volunteering as a birth and post-partum doula, or in the mountains backpacking, hiking, running, or skiing.