Pat Terrell

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Pat Terrell

Vice President

Chicago, IL

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(312) 641-5007

Patricia (Pat) Terrell has more than thirty years of nationally recognized expertise in health and hospital system development. She has worked extensively in the areas of policy formation, particularly related to health coverage for the uninsured, and strategic planning and operational implementation focused on the creation of effective and efficient health care delivery systems, with a specific focus on providers serving medically needy populations and communities. In her leadership role at HMA, she also provides oversight to work focused on delivery system redesign.

Pat assists clients with formulating and executing strategies to address internal structural, clinical and operational issues related to the successful delivery of care. She works with hospitals and health networks to develop relationships with other institutions to bring about mutually beneficial alliances. She has, for HMA, led large multi-disciplinary teams of clinical, financial and administrative senior staff that:

  • developed plans for multi-provider networks of hospitals, clinics and physician groups to more rationally care for underserved populations in South Los Angeles, Chicago, San Mateo and Orange and Santa Clara Counties (California), Baton Rouge (Louisiana) and Portland (Oregon);
  • restructured public health and hospital systems in Los Angeles, Memphis, Dallas, Phoenix, Austin, San Mateo and San Francisco;
  • developed a model delivery system for post-Katrina health care delivery involving public and private providers in the four-parish region surrounding New Orleans;
  • facilitated training for new public hospital CEOs for the National Association of Public Health and Hospital Systems;
  • established operational partnerships between public and private providers to meet the needs of underserved populations for hospitals of a large west coast Catholic system and their public sector counterparts in Los Angeles and San Francisco;
  • assessed and recommended specific operational changes for county-run correctional health services in Dallas and Los Angeles;
  • developed and assisted in the implementation of the transformation of a public hospital into a multi-specialty ambulatory facility in Los Angeles;
  • provided expertise and education in the implications of health system reform on the workforce for a large international union;
  • identified a series of options integrating the large public hospital system in Miami with the area’s Federally Qualified Health Centers;
  • renegotiated affiliation agreements between public hospital systems and their medical school/medical staffs in Dallas and Phoenix;
  • evaluated and recommended operational changes for the public hospital systems in Dallas (emergency department, primary care, inpatient acute), Los Angeles (length of acute inpatient stay, ambulatory care restructuring, managed care arrangements), San Mateo (specialty outpatient care) and San Francisco (long term care-acute care connections); and
  • identified, through a report supported by a local foundation, strategic priorities for the Cook County Bureau of Health Services.

Prior to joining HMA, Pat served as the deputy chief of the Cook County Bureau of Health Services in Chicago, one of the largest public health and hospital systems in the nation, and was the president of a health policy consulting group concentrating primarily on the reconfiguration of public and private safety net institutions, including hospitals, community health centers and public health services. Pat was the first executive director of the Chicago-based Health and Medicine Policy Research Group and managing editor of its national journal.