Healthcare Disparities to the Underserved

Healthcare Disparities: Better care for those who need it most.

Every community is a complex system of people, resources, and networks. And sometimes, systemic factors can make it difficult to provide quality care to certain groups. HMACS helps the healthcare community by rooting out systemic healthcare disparities and challenges and finding new ways to overcome them.

Our experts have worked for years in public health agencies, community-based organizations, foundations and elsewhere to improve care to underserved groups including the elderly and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. We have the connections, resources and expertise to help you tackle the healthcare disparities challenge that is faced by underserved populations. Their expertise includes:

  • Conducting needs assessments that identify disparities in specific groups and communities
  • Shaping policy and regulation to address systemic and regulatory obstacles to quality care and improve access to care

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