Federally Qualified Health Centers

Playing a key role in a bright new future.

Healthcare reform is placing Federally Qualified Health Centers in a new role that’s full of promise, yet fraught with challenges. They’re now envisioned to be at the center of a more rational, more cost-effective, more patient-centered healthcare system. And yet, they still face day-to-day challenges as the first point of contact for some of the most vulnerable, complex and high-risk patients.

Our experts have been there. They bring on-the-ground expertise in health center management, care delivery, IT, finance, strategy and more. They’re ready to help heath centers develop and roll out new models of care and new delivery systems. Areas of expertise include:

  • Identifying and implementing new ways to integrate services within health centers and across care settings
  • Developing Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Health Homes, and Patient-Centered Medical Homes
  • Building growth and financial sustainability models
  • Expanding primary care services
  • Developing new care delivery models
  • Assisting with design and evaluation of care management teams and systems
  • Developing reimbursement and incentive methodologies, including risk-based payment models that are based on the value—not the volume—of care provided