Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program (DSRIP)

States and counties can use the federal dollars linked to DSRIP projects as a tool to incentivize new quality improvement infrastructure, payment and delivery system reforms, and more; if transformation does not happen in the delivery system, the dollars won’t flow. HMA has years of experience in creating the connections and providing the implementation expertise that’s essential to a successful DSRIP initiative.

We’ve worked with states, counties, health systems, providers, payers and others to set the stage for success in health system redesign, new models of care, IT innovation and more. Our DSRIP expertise includes:

  • Conducting community needs assessments to identify opportunities to improve healthcare delivery
  • Drafting applications, including both state and capital applications
  • Designing eligible DSRIP projects that are implementable within unique provider systems
  • Creating connections between providers and states
  • Providing implementation assistance that includes detailed technical expertise in primary care, behavioral health, IT, staffing, reporting and more