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Our team is what makes HMA unique among other health care consulting firms.

Most of our colleagues have 25 years or more of on-the-job experience within the public or 
quasi-public health care industry.  We have worked for federal, state and local governments, public and private health care providers, health systems, health plans, foundations and associations nationwide.  We know publicly financed health care from both sides – payer and provider – and from the inside out.

We share a commitment with our clients to serve the underserved, improve the quality of health care, and ensure a more efficient and sustainable health care delivery system for everyone.  For us, it’s not work.  It’s a calling.

Our client perspective, our depth of expertise and our passion are beyond compare.  And our people – they are what make HMA different and what make us the very best at what we do.

Featured Colleagues

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jay rosen

Jay Rosen

Lansing, MI  


Yasser Aman, DrPH

Senior Consultant
Southern California  


Tony D. Rodgers

San Francisco, CA  


Margarita Pereyda, MD

Southern California  

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