Federal and State Policy Related to Delivery of Care

Connecting policy with the real world.

Our team of policy experts provides on-the-ground expertise to make sure policy decisions lead to better real-world results. They work directly with state and local governments to help develop policies and regulations that drive more accountable, effective and efficient care at all levels of the healthcare system. We’re working to connect policy with direct delivery system and managed care experience by:

  • Finding more creative, more accountable approaches to support and regulate healthcare delivery for defined populations in areas like DSRIP and section 1115 and 1332 waivers
  • Securing resources for the transition of the safety net from individual providers to integrated systems of care by identifying federal, state and private funding, including State Innovation Model Design and Planning and 2703 health home projects
  • Finding innovative models to govern integrated healthcare delivery
  • Identifying policy and regulatory barriers to successful healthcare delivery and payment reform (e.g., Medicare and Medicaid policy alignment)
  • Sharing best practices for advancing innovative models of care in policy and regulatory frameworks