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HMA Article Highlights Value-Based Payment Models

With a focus on value-based payment (VBP) models and helping primary care practices prepare for a value-driven future, HMA experts Suzanne Daub, Caroline Rosenzweig and Meggan Christmas Schilkie will publish their article in the American Psychological Association journal Families, Systems & Health.

The article, Preparing for a Value-Driven Future, is a primer for integrated primary care practices expanding into the value-based space, which details how to transition to this payment model. As practices increasingly utilize integrated care models, understanding VBP, its costs, implementation and capacity for volume and growth are vital.

Their article also focuses on preparing for VBP through leadership engagement to build buy-in and assessing readiness in six core areas including leadership; care delivery and health information technology, partnerships, financial readiness and organizational culture.

HMA’s team of VBP experts offer a wide range of technical assistance and guidance to help practices and partners navigate the shift and lead clients into a future of a value-based system of care.

Meet the HMA blog contributors

Suzanne Daub

Suzanne Daub, LCSW

Philadelphia, PA
Meggan Schilkie

Meggan Christman Schilkie

Chief Operating Officer
New York, NY
Caroline Rosenzweig

Caroline (Carrie) Rosenzweig

Associate Principal
New York, NY