Health Systems

New populations. New communities. New solutions.

The pace of change facing today’s health systems is overwhelming, particularly for those who serve patients and populations covered by public insurance programs. Between the challenges of new value-based reimbursement models and constant pressure to improve effectiveness and patient experience, every day brings new hurdles.

Our team of health system consultants has been there. We’ve spent years in top health system roles; CEOs, CMSs, CNSs, COOs, CFOs and other key positions. Many of our team members are still practicing physicians, nurse practitioners and behavioral health practitioners. We bring better ideas and transformational change at both the system and practice levels. Rooted in best practices but tailored to each client’s needs, our solutions integrate clinical, managed care, financial, IT and organizational structure. Our resources for health systems include:

Delivery system development—helping health systems provide more integrated care with an emphasis on at-risk populations, developing multi-provider delivery systems and using technology to prevent care gaps. Learn more about healthcare delivery development and redesign.

Delivery system operations—working with clients to improve operations by executing strategies that support clinical quality improvement, system integration and business priorities in the rapidly changing healthcare environment. Learn more about delivery system operations.

Clinical services—providing on-the-ground insight into the delivery of care and clinical leadership development from former health system executives, practice nurse leaders, clinicians and others. Learn more about clinical services.

Care management—offering a practice-focused care management curriculum with training from providers, nurses and behavioral health clinicians—helping clients establish a care management model and bring tools, skills and confidence to care managers within the clinical team. Learn more about care management.

Behavioral health services—building new models of integrated behavioral and primary care; expanding specialty mental health and substance use disorder services; coordinating healthcare with housing, employment and other support systems; and helping to secure new funding sources. Learn more about behavioral health services.

Data analytics—collecting raw data and turning it into interactive dashboards and other decision support tools, analyzing and presenting multi-dimensional data and evaluating the design and effectiveness of data management systems. Learn more about data analytics.

Managed care services—cultivating new partnerships between health systems and health plans, improving operations, bringing value and supporting new value-based payment systems. Learn more about managed care services.

HMA Information Services—providing the ultimate reference for Medicaid information with the most comprehensive data available, all in one location. Learn more about our HMA Information Services.

Healthcare IT advisory services—creating new approaches to improve communication between providers; providing IT gap assessment including organizational initiatives, IT planning and budgeting and IT procurement support; providing IT implementation support including project management and independent verification and validation; re-engineering business processes; and reviewing information systems for compliance with HIPAA and other federal laws and regulations. Learn more about healthcare IT advisory services.

Community needs assessment—meeting statutory requirements for completing a community needs assessment, supporting strategic planning and strategic decision making to coordinate healthcare delivery with other resources such as housing and employment, cultivating new partnerships with community organizations, and identifying strategies for improving care to those who rely on publicly funded services.