Providing the building blocks for a better healthcare system.

In today’s quickly changing environment, foundations have a uniquely important role to play. Foundations support the piloting and evaluation of cutting edge payment and delivery reforms. That includes gauging trends in coverage, utilization, costs and outcomes; the identification of best practices; the study of critical social determinants of health; technical assistance to implement improvement strategies; and policy analyses to assess the impact of proposed or enacted legislation and regulations. Foundations also inform private and public stakeholders about what works and how to make systems better.

We can help foundations fulfill their role in testing innovations and disseminating crucial information by providing research, policy analysis and technical assistance; identifying new trends; and evaluating the success of current programs. We can also help stakeholders identify foundation funding opportunities. Our team includes experts in qualitative and quantitative research, as well as individuals with operational, clinical and administrative experience in government and across the healthcare industry. Resources for foundations include:

Evaluation, program development and analysis—conducting surveys and environmental scans, evaluations, policy analysis, program development and technical assistance, as well as preparing case studies, issue briefs and synthesis reports.

HMA Community Strategies—finding new ways to build healthy communities by identifying areas where healthcare and social needs intersect and creating connections between healthcare and community organizations. Learn more about our HMA Community Strategies.

Healthcare Transformation Institute—partnering in the generation and evaluation of new delivery system models. Learn more about our Healthcare Transformation Institute.

Behavioral health services—building new models of integrated behavioral and primary care; coordinating healthcare with housing, employment and other support systems; and helping to secure new funding sources. Learn more about behavioral health services.