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Modernizing our public health system to prevent disease and respond to emerging health threats.

The public health system in the U.S. has been under-resourced for decades and was further eroded during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the U.S. is spending more than ever before on healthcare, the country has seen reductions in life expectancy. Health leaders, policymakers and others must act now to re-imagine systems and policies to improve health outcomes and improve health equity. Bridging the gaps between federal, state, and local public health and other sectors is essential to our health security, and educational and economic outcomes.

HMA’s public health group can be an invaluable partner in achieving these goals. Our team is made up of more than 100 colleagues in offices across the country. Every day, our experts work with national, state, and local organizations seeking to improve public health. With our in-depth experience in all facets of healthcare, HMA can serve as a bridge between national and state/local/tribal organizations, applying best practices and developing evidence-based projects to improve public health outcomes.

Meet some of our public health experts.

HMA public health consultants are highly experienced professionals, former public health department directors, clinicians, economists, administrators, policy experts, evaluators, and researchers who work on interdisciplinary teams. Our consultants have held leadership roles at every level of public health, including local, state, and federal governments as well as nonprofits, foundations, and community-based organizations.

In addition to these public health consultants, our colleagues at Leavitt Partners, an HMA Company, provide deep expertise in value-based care. Leavitt Partners is also a respected convener, facilitating alliances to solve complex health policy problems. HMA and Leavitt Partners created the Leavitt Center for Alliances to further this work, helping healthcare organizations create consensus-based alliances to face their challenges together.

Supporting the full spectrum of public health organizational needs.

To help your organization optimize all areas of your public health initiatives, we offer a comprehensive array of services, including:

  • Technical Assistance and Training
  • Research and Analysis
  • Strategic Consulting and Implementation Services
  • Workforce Planning and Strategy
  • Analytics

We have expertise in a range of areas of public health, such as:

  • Social Determinants of Health/Health-Related Social Needs
  • Opioids and Substance Use Prevention and Treatment
  • Justice-Involved Populations
  • Suicide, Violence, and Injury Prevention
  • Mental Health
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Veterans Health
  • COVID-19 and Public Health Preparedness
  • Health and Public Health Integration
  • Value-Based Care
  • Medicaid-Public Health Collaboration

Public Health Preparedness and Response: anticipating the next pandemic threats.

For decades, HMA has helped healthcare organizations adapt to an ever-changing environment. The lessons learned during the pandemic have prepared us to give public health agencies an even higher level of support. No matter what the future holds, we are ready to advise your organization. Because our team includes many former high-ranking public health officials, we are familiar with the challenges of supporting communities with science while concurrently navigating the politicized world of policymaking.

As we move forward, HMA will continue to be instrumental in:

The emergence of COVID-19 caused spikes in need for many of the areas addressed by community based organizations (CBOs). Throughout the pandemic, HMA has helped community-based organizations identify potential funding options, develop key partnerships with public health and healthcare providers, and interface with state and county agencies. As we move forward, HMA remains committed to supporting CBOs dedicated to population health issues. 

A scarcity of healthcare workers was brought on by years of inadequate funding, understaffing, underappreciation, and low salaries. The exhausting and stressful response to the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated these challenges. HMA stands ready to provide innovative solutions and support to organizations concerned about staving off the next public health threat – be it local, national, or global.

HMA proved to be an invaluable resource for hospitals and hospital associations during the pandemic. We helped them navigate emergency staffing, address supply chain challenges, secure emergency funding, understand changes in reimbursement, and maximize the use of telehealth. We continue to provide this guidance as we approach endemicity and adapt to a world in which COVID-19 is ever-present.

Long-term care facilities and congregate settings such as schools, factories and prisons were at the nexus of the pandemic. These settings required extreme measures for infection control and stringent screening protocols, as well as enhanced communication channels to keep communities informed. HMA’s in-depth experience with long-term services and supports (LTSS) and justice-involved populations predates the pandemic and gives us a valuable perspective on how to safeguard these places against future public health challenges.

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