720 Strategies

720 Strategies: Crafting effective communications for healthcare stakeholders.

720 Strategies is a top Washington, DC-based public relations and public affairs agency that does most of its work for clients in the healthcare space. With clients like the Federation of American Hospitals and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, they are well-versed in serving the unique needs of healthcare organizations. 

Leveraging an integrated mix of strategic communications, media relations, digital marketing, integrated grassroots/grasstops campaigns, social media advocacy and issues management, 720 Strategies supports the communications needs of healthcare stakeholders and helps them achieve their goals. Most importantly, they share HMA’s unwavering commitment to excellence, and to our clients’ success. 

Since our founding in 1985, HMA has focused on how we can better serve clients and meet their needs. Having 720 Strategies as a part of our team allows us to serve our clients more completely, with the addition of expert public relations and public affairs support.