HMA can help you navigate a path through the healthcare landscape. With an ever-expanding team of expert consultants from every sector of the healthcare industry, Health Management Associates knows publicly funded healthcare like our own backyard.
Addiction runs deep. We give your organization expertise that runs deeper. Introducing the HMA Institute on Addiction: a team of the industry’s foremost addiction experts, with experience in all aspects of addiction treatment. Our depth of expertise gives your organization the technical assistance, education, and strategy support you need to build an effective addiction treatment plan – and save lives. Learn more about HMA IOA
Integrating mind and body for a more complete healthcare strategy. Any coordinated healthcare effort must include behavioral health services, from prevention to screening to treatment. Trust our expert multidisciplinary team to develop key programs and strategies for underserved populations that promote mental health, combat substance use disorder and treat the whole patient, body and mind. Find out How
Orchestrating the many parts of managed care takes an expert conductor – and a well-thought-out score. Let HMA give you the expert guidance you need to conduct all the parts of managed care successfully, from policy and regulation to innovation, implementation and operation. Our managed care team knows the score on both the policy and operational sides of the spectrum. Learn how we can help
Seeking a more efficient and effective healthcare delivery system? Find it with HMA. The delivery of healthcare is complicated, involving payers, providers, communities, federal and state policy, an array of technologies, and more. HMA helps you integrate and innovate, simplify and streamline – to keep you moving in the right direction. Learn about Delivery System Services
Get the insights you need to help your investments soar. An investment in a healthcare organization comes with a unique set of challenges, including complex regulations, policies, and workforce issues. Our team’s comprehensive knowledge of the industry will help you assess opportunities, invest with confidence, and watch your ventures take flight. See how

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Health Management Associates is an independent, national research and consulting firm specializing in publicly funded healthcare and human services policy, programs, financing, and evaluation. We are a team of more than 300 experts with vast experience in every facet of the healthcare system. Through skilled analysis, guidance and technical know-how, our consultants help a wide range of clients successfully navigate the healthcare space.

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