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Investment Services: Informing smart investments and brighter futures.

Federal health reform has brought new opportunities for private equity firms, companies making strategic investments, banks and other investors in the healthcare marketplace. However, investing in healthcare organizations offers a unique set of challenges, including a complex web of plans and providers, constantly changing regulation and a volatile legislative environment.

Our HMA team brings the knowledge and experience you need to invest with confidence. We come from C-level policy, program and finance positions at state Medicaid agencies, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), hospitals, health plans and other key public and private organizations. Our detailed knowledge of the policies, players and politics in the healthcare industry will help you make more informed investment decisions. Our expertise includes:

  • Reviewing state budget and policy
  • Analyzing historical and projected reimbursement trends
  • Navigating regulatory environments
  • Understanding delivery system changes and their impact on private sector enterprises
  • Recognizing enrollment and volume trends
  • Identifying workforce issues
  • Evaluating the competitive dynamics within a market and opportunities for new market expansion

Health Management Associates (HMA) is an independent healthcare research and consulting firm. HMA operates a client service team, HMA Investment Services, that is principally focused on providing generalized information, analysis, and business consultation services to investment professionals. Neither HMA nor HMA Investment Services is a registered broker-dealer or investment adviser firm. HMA and HMA Investment Services do not provide advice as to the value of securities or the advisability of investing in, purchasing or selling particular securities. Research and analysis prepared by HMA on behalf of any particular client is independent of, and not influenced by, the interests of other clients, including clients of HMA Investment Services.

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