Helping associations add value and shape the future.

Associations play a unique role in the healthcare space, often balancing the need to advocate for their members with the need to help members understand and adapt to new and emerging healthcare policies and delivery system environments.

Health Management Associates has the expertise to help both national and state associations fulfill these roles. Our team has spent decades developing the policy know-how and industry knowledge to help associations shape policy and serve as a valuable resource to members and decision makers alike.

Resources for both national and state associations include:

HMA Community Strategies—finding new ways to build healthy communities by identifying areas where healthcare and social needs intersect and creating connections between healthcare and community organizations. Learn more about our HMA Community Strategies.

Healthcare Transformation Institute—providing best practices to association members including hospitals, Federally Qualified Health Centers, physicians and health systems to help them meet new value-based care requirements. Learn more about our Healthcare Transformation Institute.

Behavioral health services—providing insight into local, state and federal policy changes; training members on evidence-based practices and emerging trends in mental health and substance use disorder prevention and treatment; facilitating board retreats and strategic planning; building evidence-based models of integrated behavioral and primary care; coordinating healthcare with housing, employment and other support systems; and helping to secure new funding sources. Learn more about behavioral health services.

Managed care services—cultivating new partnerships between health systems and health plans, improving operations, adding value and supporting new value-based payment systems. Learn more about managed care services.

HMA Information Services— providing the ultimate reference for Medicaid information with the most comprehensive data available, all in one location. Learn more about our HMA Information Services.

Long-term services and supports—providing expert analysis, research and training on Medicaid program policy to support the development and implementation of effective models of service delivery and financing. Learn more about long-term services and supports.

Resources for national associations include:

Policy work—aligning policy with member interests and helping to ensure that policy decisions lead to favorable results on the ground.

Evaluations—assessing the effectiveness and relevance of existing programs and identifying new ways to engage with members and policy makers.

White papers—disseminating knowledge and best practices, adding value for members and helping to direct the policymaking process.

Research and analysis—identifying new trends and areas of concern for members, providing decision support and assisting in the creation of new content for members.

Resources specific to state associations include:

Governance evaluation—helping to determine the best leadership structure for associations and creating structures that foster agile, influential and efficient organizations.

Reimbursement assistance—helping to maximize revenue from existing streams and identify new funding sources.

Special financing work—helping organizations identify new funding sources.