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Unlocking the potential of information and the power of technology.

In the health and human services industry, improving access to information and leveraging advancements in information technology (IT) offer incredible potential to add value and lower cost for consumers, providers, payers and regulators. Optimizing IT resources is essential to maximizing the impact of health and human services programs.

However, taking full advantage of this potential comes with challenges: staying compliant with constantly changing laws and regulations, optimizing the mix of new vs. legacy information systems, and addressing day-to-day concerns like keeping systems running smoothly across multiple platforms. The HMA Information Technology Advisory Services (ITAS) team can help you address these challenges and make IT work better for you.   

The experience to make IT work better for you.

Our ITAS team has decades of experience working on large-scale Health and Human Services IT projects. Combine this with the broad programmatic and operations expertise of the HMA team—which includes former clinicians, Medicaid directors, and leaders of provider and payer organizations—and we are able to deliver targeted, relevant, actionable advice to our clients.

Meet some of our HMA IT Advisory Experts.

Members of our ITAS team have vast management and on-the-ground expertise gained from positions in state Medicaid programs, government IT agencies, health plans, provider organizations and vendors. With their help, your organization can maximize the value of IT.

With HMA’s help, our IT system has become one of our greatest assets.

– HMA ITAS Client

What HMA ITAS can do for you.

Services our team provides include:

  • IT capability assessments: We have frameworks and approaches to assess the information systems supporting various functions and programs, to identify and ascertain the magnitude of capability gaps, and to recommend the optimal sequence of investments in your information systems to resolve those gaps
  • Development of IT plans and budgets
  • IT solution procurement supports: We support the entire procurement life cycle: Elicitation and prioritization of requirements, vendor identification, solicitation development and facilitation, proposal evaluation and contract negotiation
  • Planning and management of IT projects
  • Independent verification and validation (IV&V)
  • Compliance review: Assessing information management and information system compliance with HIPAA, ACA, HITECH and other critical laws and regulations
  • IT assessment and optimization to support large-scale programmatic initiatives: Recent examples include Medicaid managed care implementations, health insurance exchange and 988 system implementations 

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