Let’s Stop Doing Stupid Things: How Can We Scale Digital Healthcare Innovation to Ease the Burden on Patients and Providers?

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Ryan Howells is a leading expert in digital health policy and interoperability from Leavitt Partners, an HMA company. Ryan has been a catalyst for change since the early days of the internet to his current role in advancing consumer-directed health data exchange through application programming interfaces (API). In this episode, he discusses the evolution of digital health, the challenges of data accessibility, and the transformative potential of AI in healthcare. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or simply interested in healthcare innovation, this podcast offers practical solutions and visionary insights that can help reimagine the way we deliver and experience healthcare.

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Vital Viewpoints is hosted by HMA Director of Thought Leadership, Jennifer Colamonico.

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Ryan Howells

Ryan Howells, MHA

Principal, Leavitt Partners, an HMA Company
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