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Webinar Replay: Advancing Health Justice for Medicaid Members with Disabilities, Including Those with Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorder

This webinar, held on June 25, 2021 and was the sixth webinar in the series “Exploring the Landscape of Behavioral Healthcare,” covering the growing impact of behavioral healthcare on clinical outcomes and cost.”

State Medicaid programs must address health disparities and advance health justice for members with disabilities – including those with mental illness and substance use disorder (SUD). Our presenters outlined the path forward in the 2021 report, Advancing Health Justice Using Medicaid Data: Key Lessons from Minnesota for the Nation, produced by AcademyHealth, Disability Policy Consortium (DPC), and Health Management Associates (HMA). During this webinar, speakers from DPC and HMA discussed how to measure health disparities, present the evidence on health disparities from one state’s Medicaid program, and discussed what federal and state policymakers can do to address health justice stemming from racial injustice, discrimination, bias, and stigma in our healthcare system.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what health justice and other related terms mean
  • Learn how to measure health disparities affecting Medicaid members with disabilities – including those with mental illness and SUD
  • Examine evidence on health disparities from one state Medicaid program’s efforts
  • Consider the national implications of this evidence on Medicaid members
  • Review what actions policymakers can take to advance health justice


  • Ellen Breslin, MPP. Principal, HMA, Boston, MA
  • Dennis Heaphy, M.Div. M.Ed. MPH, Health Justice Policy Analyst, Disability Policy Consortium, Malden, MA
  • Anissa Lambertino, PhD., Senior Consultant, HMA, Chicago, IL