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Webinar Replay: Continuing the Path to Medicare-Medicaid Integration

This webinar was held on October 4, 2021.

Federal and state policy makers have long been working to expand enrollment in Medicare-Medicaid integrated care programs (ICPs). ICPs can advance independent living and health equity for individuals who are dually eligible for both programs. However, approximately only one in 10 dually eligible individuals was enrolled in an ICP as of 2019. To encourage ICP enrollment and retention, HMA identified 10 essential elements of ICPs centered around, informed by, and made available to dually eligible individuals. (See HMA Brief #3 and the brief fact sheet.)

During this webinar, HMA shared these 10 essential elements for establishing and simplifying ICPs specifically tailored to diverse individuals’ needs and preferences. Panelists involved in health justice and community-based healthcare offered practical next steps for advancing ICPs.

Learning Objectives

  • Hear about the 10 essential elements for ICPs identified through interviews with diverse stakeholders
  • Engage panelists to share their views on how to advance ICPs tailored around members’ needs
  • Consider the types and level of investment required to advance the essential elements for ICPs


  • Arielle Mir, MPA, Vice President of Health Care, Arnold Ventures, Washington, DC
  • Sarah Barth, JD, Principal, HMA, New York, NY
  • Ellen Breslin, MPP, Principal, HMA, Boston, MA
  • Dennis Heaphy, M.Div., M.Ed., MPH, Health Justice Policy Analyst, Disability Policy Consortium, Malden, MA
  • Linda Little, MBA, RN, CCM, President and CEO, Neighborhood Service Organization (NSO), Detroit, MI