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Webinar Replay: Continuous Quality – How Medicaid and Medicare Plans Can Stay Ahead of Evolving HEDIS, CAHPS, and Accreditation Requirements

This webinar was held on April 6, 2021. 

Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans can avoid the disruptive triannual accreditation fire drill by instituting a process-driven approach to continuous quality improvement, driving member satisfaction, improving health outcomes, and ensuring a smooth accreditation process. During this webinar, HMA experts provided strategies and best practices for maintaining ongoing quality processes. Speakers also provided an understanding of the growing role that HEDIS and CAHPS measures play in member assignment, plan ratings, and pay-for-performance programs.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify key trends in health plan accreditation and how to position your organization for success.
  • Understand the growing importance of HEDIS and CAHPS measures in ensuring member health and long-term plan success.
  • Learn about upcoming changes in key quality metrics along with best practices and processes for hitting new member outcome and satisfaction targets.
  • Find out how to establish an ongoing process for quality reporting and evaluation, ensuring optimal accreditation results.

HMA Speakers

Diana Criss, Principal, Lansing, MI
Margaret Williams, Principal, Los Angeles, CA
David Wedemeyer, Principal, Los Angeles, CA