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Webinar Replay: HMA Community Health Worker Webinar Series Part 2: The Role of Community Health Workers as COVID-19 Contact Tracers

This webinar was held on July 13, 2020. 

Aggressive COVID-19 contact tracing is key to state reopening strategies. During this webinar, HMA community health experts addressed how community health workers can play a critical role in contact tracing, leveraging their trusted position in local communities and simultaneously furthering efforts to assist patients with multiple needs, including housing instability, food insecurity and co-morbidity. HMA experts also outlined best practices for establishing a contact tracing infrastructure and discuss how community health workers are positioned to emerge as the vanguard for COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to apply creative workforce strategies to address contact tracing, isolation support, co-morbid disease management, and immunization efforts.
  • Obtain creative financing and sustainability strategies for staffing and infrastructure.
  • Understand how community health workers and paraprofessionals can play an expanded role in the post-COVID-19 delivery system of the future.

HMA Speakers

Kathleen Nolan, Vice President, Washington, DC
Pat Casanova, Principal, Indianapolis, IN
Uma Ahluwalia, Principal, Washington, DC


A recording of the first webinar and supporting materials are now available here.