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Webinar Replay: Supporting the Behavioral Health Workforce During the COVID-19 Response: Strategies for Providers to Sustain and Strengthen the Behavioral Health System

This webinar was held on May 18, 2020.

Even as behavioral health providers work tirelessly to respond to COVID-19, the most forward-looking organizations also recognize that the pandemic has laid bare the need to develop a wide variety of short- and long-term solutions to ongoing and emergent needs. The most pressing of these needs concern strategies to support and strengthen the behavioral health system workforce.

During this webinar, HMA experts showed how leading behavioral health providers are using new regulatory flexibilities, emerging staffing models, and new delivery formats to develop and implement organizational changes and innovations that sustain workforce excellence.

Learning Objectives:

  • Hear how behavioral health providers around the country are supporting their workforce and continuing to meet ongoing and emergent behavioral health needs.
  • Learn how collaborative efforts among states and providers can lead to meaningful changes in rules, roles, tools, and approaches to delivering behavioral healthcare.
  • Obtain cross-cutting strategies for management and leadership during a crisis.
  • Find out how to ensure organizational structures are in place to help staff adjust to change, foster resilience, and provide bereavement support when appropriate.
  • Understand the available resources and emerging practices for workforce support, including training, technology, and strategies for enhancing the ability of the behavioral health workforce to meet the needs of special populations.

HMA Speakers

Barry Jacobs, PsyD, Principal, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Gina Lasky, PsyD, Principal, Denver, Colorado
Shannon Mong, PsyD, Principal, San Francisco, California
Lori Raney, MD, Principal, Denver, Colorado
Meggan Schilkie, MBA, Managing Principal, New York
Tim Sheehan, MSW, Principal, Chicago, Illinois