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Webinar Replay: Lessons from Colorado Community-Based Organizations Engaged in Provider Partnerships that Address Social Determinants of Health

This webinar was held on January 31, 2020.

HMA’s how-to session last year on development and implementation of social determinants of health (SDOH) partnerships for vulnerable Colorado populations was a tremendous success, offering frameworks and tools for effective SDOH initiatives among community-based organizations (CBOs), health systems, and other providers. As a follow-up to this discussion, HMA hosted a “lessons learned” session, in which two CBOs who have implemented innovative SDOH partnerships outlined the results of their programs and provided insights on how to develop an effective SDOH collaboration.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how CBOs and health systems are successfully collaborating on SDOH services, payment models, and payer-provider relationships.
  2. Understand the opportunities and challenges related to contracting between CBOs and healthcare systems, including referrals, coordinated care, and pay-for-performance models.
  3. Find out how to engage and support local communities by activating and financing Community Health Workers (CHWs) for payment by health plans within the Pathways HUB framework.
  4. Learn how to assess potential partnerships and arrangements that address whole person health, including SDOH.


  • Grace Damio, Center Director, Hispanic Health Council, Hartford, CT. The Hispanic Health Council has contracted with multiple healthcare provider systems to implement its community CHW-led, home-based diabetes intervention – Diabetes Among Latinos Best Practices Trial (DIALBEST).
  • Giovanna Rogow, Chief Executive, Maternal Infant Services Network (MISN), Newburgh, NY. MISN has contracted individually with healthcare providers and serves as the backbone organization leading a 30-member CBO consortium called Hudson Valley Collective for Community Wellness (HVCCW). This consortium addresses social determinants of health throughout a seven-county region through capacity building and collective action. The HVCCW is presently forming an Independent Practice Association to collectively contract for CHWs to conduct outreach and provide care coordination services on behalf of member organizations via the Pathways HUB model.

Who Should Listen

Representatives of Colorado state and county governments, Colorado Regional Accountable Entities, hospitals, providers, and CBOs working to address SDOH.